If you create new software,
You may discover a bigger purpose,
An unexpected dimension.

It starts with your imagination.

You have something in mind
About how a new reality could work. …

In previous articles I identified several challenges of current public crypto-networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, that make them difficult to scale. These challenges include their two-tier de-centralized design[1], their leader-based consensus mechanism, their smart contract inefficiencies, their application model, and several other design choices.

In this article I address…

At Gorbyte, I am the lead designer of a stochastic crypto-network that will replace the current generation of leader-based consensus blockchain networks.

Giuseppe presenting GNodes in San Diego, CA

In addition to the MARPLE distributed consensus, one of Gorbyte’s major innovations is a system of unique identification that involves peoples’ personal devices.

Device owners can be associated…

There is a substantial difference between privacy, which everyone is entitled to, and unique identification.

This difference is obfuscated by today’s prevalent procedures. Currently, passwords, personal questions, Social security numbers, Email addresses and cell numbers are used for access control to software, web sites, banking and many other services.


By Giuseppe Gori, CEO, Gorbyte, Inc.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, over ten years ago, the cryptocurrency market has been very active, but mostly speculative. Many new currencies have been created, but not much has changed in their basic conception. …

By Giuseppe Gori

© This article can be copied, with attribution.

The “Fruit of Life” is the name given to a geometrical figure of 13 circles assembled along the three main directions at 60 degrees angles, thus creating a composite structure analogous to a hexagonal shape.

This Fruit of Life…

A paradox is the realization that a simple problem has two apparently contradicting solutions.

Whether intuitively, or using a formula, or using a program, we can easily solve the problem. However, someone challenges us with another method to solve the same problem, but that method leads to a different result.

A moving coin completes one full revolution after only going half the way around the stationary coin.

Start with two identical coins touching each other on a table, and oriented the same way.

Keep one coin stationary (the eagle) and rotate the other coin (the head) around the eagle coin…

Explanation of the Arrow Paradox, Attributed to Zeno

The arrow at one instant in time

In the arrow paradox, Zeno uses the example of an arrow in flight. …

The Exchange Paradox: A Simple Solution

We are shown two envelopes: One envelope contains twice as much money as the other.

Having chosen one envelope, before inspecting it, we are given a chance to take the other envelope instead.

It would appear that it is to our advantage to switch…

Giuseppe Gori

CEO, Gorbyte, is currently developing a stochastic distributed crypto-network, GNodes, which will provide free financial transactions to anyone in the world.

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